The foundation

The foundation

The Fondation Théodore Strawinsky is a non-profit foundation, founded in 1991 by Denise Strawinsky, the widow of the painter Théodore Strawinsky. It is listed on the Geneva Commercial Register and its members are selected by co-optation.


The Fondation Théodore Strawinsky honours the memory of the artist (1907-1989) by preserving and promoting his oeuvre. To this end, since 1993, it has organised exhibitions, published catalogues and supported scientific research. In 2014, promotional activities culminated in the publication of a catalogue raisonné, made available to the public and to researchers through an online database.

The Fondation Théodore Strawinsky also fulfils the artist’s wish by granting an annual Théodore Strawinsky prize to a young Painting graduate of the Geneva Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design (HEAD).

In 1997, the Municipality of Montreux in Switzerland and the Fondation Théodore Strawinsky signed an agreement to place the artist’s entire legacy in the Montreux Archives. The Montreux Archives come under the Confederation’s Cultural Heritage Protection programme.

Boards members

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