Swiss painter of Russian heritage, Théodore Strawinsky (1907-1989), son of the famous composer Igor Stravinsky, was an extremely prolific artist. His work belongs to a dual lineage of Post-Impressionism and Cubism whose essential messages – a new relationship with reality and the autonomy of a work of art – he made his own. Versatile, he excelled at all the techniques he practised including painting, stained glass, engraving, mural painting, theatre sets, illustration and remained untouched by the vogues and upheavals which characterised twentieth century art.

Discover the Théodore Strawinsky Scholarship, a scholarship to help artistic creation.

The blog : stories and testimonies about the artist.

Discover the trailer of the documentary film directed by Marc Bader “Théodore Strawinsky  : I paint not as I see, but as I look”.

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